Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dine With Me


Happy Valentines Day to all!


  1. Depends... what's on the menu? :-D

    Nice job, Stan. My favorite part is that touch of orange. It makes that heart glow.

    Happy V-Day to you, as well.


  2. I like the orange too, otherwise too blue. I have five daughters and at one point in my life it was me and six females in my home. I often refer to that period as "test in a sea of est". I do have one son (the oldest of six children) and I'm sure if the rest had been boys Valentines day would not be the major production that it has for the last several decades. That being said, I'm heading for the movies to see "Dear John" (I'm more of an "Aliens" guy). Oh well, one must sacrifice now and then.

  3. Beautiful Stan, just like all of your work.

  4. hello. I think I have been by your blog before.
    I have in-law family down in Tucson and my husband's nephew and family live in Peoria. I come from a watermedia background and once juried the AWA exhibition and have taught several workshops down there-- went down to Tucson to the rock and fossil show a few weeks ago-- nice in the winter-- HOT in the summer :-)
    I like your abstract and non-objective paintings very much.

  5. nice,well done!
    Thanks for your nice comment for my watercolor paintings.

  6. I have to hand it to you here. Not only did you create a great design but you actually made hearts look not only manly but fresh and new! Interesting!

  7. Hi Tonya,

    Manly hearts, never thought of that but I suppose it's true. Jim Dine's hearts were certainly manly, as well as his robes and such. This was sort of an experiment from a couple years ago. Thought I'd post it for Valentines Day.