Saturday, February 6, 2010



Acrylic on Coated Lithographic Paper
11" X 11"

This painting was done about a year ago. The two below were both done within the last week.


  1. The first thing I notice when viewing your work is the design, which is always powerful, dynamic and interesting. There's a definite and unique point of view that sets your work apart as masterful and compelling. The monolithic figures in "Door" are beautifully connected to the door itself creating a procession shrouded in mystery. There's a lot to contemplate here, and I'll take some time doing just that!

  2. Hi Stan, I think your work is exciting! This one is particularly intriguing! Interesting shapes and division of space.

  3. Thank you Kathy and Peggy for the comments. I guess I like enigma as content, sometimes putting the very word in the title. "Angelicenigma" and "Enigmatic Frizzle" are a couple of examples.

  4. The first thing I notice is the emotional response I experience when I view your work. I too experiment, respond to the work in progress, and spend time looking and "listening" to the work in progress. Beautiful pieces.

  5. Thank you Leslie, I can see that in your work. It grabs my attention!

  6. Hi Stan !
    Thank you for your comment in my guestbook !
    Love your work too !
    Nice to " meet you !