Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Childish Things!

19" X  19" , Acrylic & Gesso on Yupo

I'm continuing with the series and as of yet I'm not clear on the direction it will go, but I'm fairly certain that it will become more abstract as I correlate "then" with "now". I must say I'm having a blast rethinking these drawings of the past. Quite a bit of the early drawings I did were  of imagined WWII combat scenes. The graphite point on the pencil was live ammo. Lots of death and destruction. I've garnished a bit.

One thing I might mention. I do all of this drawing from my head as I did as a child. So all you Sherman Tank aficionados (or whatever the popular tank of the war was) take heed. My point is not tank rendering but tank representation.

6" X 6" , Ink on Paper

One subject that I have repeatedly drawn throughout my entire life is the automobile. Early drawings had potato shaped bodies and obscure tires and ornaments. During grades 5 through 8 I was heavily into model car building; not too many customs, mostly hot-rods or dragsters. So the drawings from that era reflected that and I still did all of the drawing from memory. If you give a good inspection of the drawing above you'll notice a rather distorted version of a GMC 671 Blower & belt assembly. Again, I have no idea how accurate. Good times!

"More Power"
6" X 6", Ink on Paper

6" X 6", Ink on Paper

This drawing is not related to the series (or is it?). Just thought I'd throw it in for the heck of it.


  1. Love the mix of organic shapes with the technology/industry shapes. —and yes, "Dosage" does fit, just to throw in my opinion.

  2. I've studied the drawings you posted online and they, in addition to these, are remarkable for the various elements of interest, composition, and boldness. I really enjoy looking at them over and over again. I think that your series for a childhood revisited is brilliant!

  3. Stan,

    "More Power" reminds me of your painting "Parasites" the shapes and movement tell me there created by the same hand.Great idea about visiting the past and having a dialogue with it.Like to see what you come up with,and boy I remember being about 6 or 7 years old and buying with my allowance Model Kits of Funny Cars,dragsters etc...and though we are about 20 years apart I find it nice to know every generation has similar type nostalgia feelings,emotions.


  4. Hi Stan, You're an interesting blog writer too! Your ink drawings are fascinating and "Dosage" seems to fit right in.

  5. You honor me stopping by Stan. I love Inflamed and Fireworks! They are very strong pieces and they draw me into the image.

    Congrats on winning the best of show for Parasites! Very cool!

  6. I think your art is extremely deep and heart felt. I admire that about you. Thank you for sharing it here.

  7. Hi David-Glen, thanks for the comment and yes sometimes I juxtapose those elements; not always intentionally. I appreciate your opinion on "Dosage"

    Hi Kathy, as an artist it means so much to me that an artist of your caliber would find my work interesting enough for study. I'm still studying them myself, but you know me, "Mr. Introspective".

    Hi Paul, yes I like to incorporate movement in my paintings. I was totally involved in model making for those years and especially doing "paint jobs". I loved all the "candy colors". Appreciate your comments.

    Hi Peggy, This blogging is fun and I've only been doing it since the beginning of the year. I just might be spending too much time with it, but I really think it is helping me gain perspective with my own work. And I guess "Dosage" fits then.

    Hi Sheila, Glad you like those paintings. I have a question for you since you were with the San Francisco PD. Did you by any chance know a Bill Tate? He was friend during college and someone told me he was with the San Francisco PD. I'm sure he would be retired by now.

    Hi Pam, I've found I can only do what I consider good work when it comes from the heart. Thanks!

  8. A tour de force of imaginative drawing! Bravo!

    I see a cross between the Sherman Tank (M4) and the plastic "sort-of Sherman tank" that we played with in Army man scale. I think that is a good rendering via memory - you captured some of both real and toy. very cool.

  9. Thank you Casey, I'm honored by your comments on my work. Yes I played with the very tank you are talking about and those army men. I even bought a bag of them a few months ago. They're still using the same WWII molds, kneeling bazooka, hand grenade tosser, walky-talky guy, standing sharpshooter with bent gun, kneeling sharpshooter with bent gun and of course crawling guy.

  10. it must be very poignant for you to be looking back at your childhood drawings and bringing them to your current background, experience and current working style.

  11. I think your ink drawings are so interesting - love the shapes and textures, and the dark message..and the free creative flow of the works. I think dosage fits right in.

  12. Hi Donna, Yes there is a lot of emotion invoked as I draw and paint. I'm still searching for a correlation, if indeed there is one to be found.

    Hi Dan, Thanks. Interesting you mention the dark message. I see a lot of darkness in the world so, often masked but it's there, sometimes hiding behind the smiling faces of politicians or the collective power and deceit of all sorts of groups and religions. I know darkness is the absence of God and for sure there is no glory in darkness. However exposing it may shed some light on the matter (pun intended) but hopefully I won't acquire a byline like "painter of dark"(spoofing Thomas Kincade of course).

  13. Really enjoy Dosage. I am fondly remembering the boys in my grade school classes who spent a lot of time rendering cars, flames coming from the exhaust pipes, trucks, and other such manly subject matter. Lots of penciled details on the binder paper with lines. I can see them now in my minds eye!

  14. Hi Leslie, It seems most everyone thinks that "Dosage" fit into the series. I don't know, maybe it's the way it's drawn, that makes it seem so, but I'm not sure it fits. I didn't draw it as part of the series, I was just drawing, maybe some subliminal leakage. As for those early drawings of "manly" subject matter, I'm trying to capture the enthusiasm I once had and mix it with the here-and-now style of art I am making. I'm enjoying this new found freedom. There wasn't as much pressure involved when making art as a child. Relevance didn't seem to matter much.

  15. Your expression is perfect !! i'm so impressed it's beautiful :)

  16. Greetings Stan,

    I am sorry I have not been around much, however I am glad that I have seen this post of yours and witnessed these pen and ink drawings of yours.

    It brings back favorable memories.

    I love the tightness of the strokes and yet at the same time some areas are loose. Excellent balance.

    Thank you for sharing,

  17. Thanks Egmont, good to have you back! Did you get a new Mac?