Sunday, May 16, 2010

Landfills and Family

Landfill #5

Landfill #6

Landfill #7

My newest work has taken a turn. I still consider it part of the "Childish Things" series but it has become more abstract. These paintings are all titled the same for this reason: there is a wide variety of discarded objects dumped in the landfills around the world and likewise in my landfills there are many ideas being dumped on the medium. All of this derived from my fascination with the dump when I was a child. If you think about it most everything ends up in a landfill; it's why archeologists have jobs. We're all destined to end up there someday, are we not? 

Some recent images from the sketch book:
Childish Things

 Dot Matrix

Landfill #4


Just for grins because I love them so much, I thought I'd share my family with you all. They are all big supporters of my artistic endeavors, which means they also put up with my temperament. They were instrumental in my return to painting after a long period of not painting with fully focused intent. The photos of family members were taken by my daughter Briana and you can see her work on her blog at Not pictured is my son Steve because I don't have a recent digital photo, so as soon as I do I will post. He is the oldest of my six children.

Wife Janet

Stepdaughter Julia

Daughter Briana

Daughter Candice

Daughter Sarah

Daughter Emily (the baby)


Granddaughter Lily & Daughter Candice


  1. what an attractive beautiful family you have-- and your paintings are unique and interesting theme

  2. Wow, Stan. Your ladies are all lovely! And, talent hasn't strayed from the family line. Briana's photos are gorgeous and her blog shows the love she shares with her family and friends. Kudos for the great work and the wonderful family. I look forward to 'meeting' Steve when you find a current photo. Also, congrats on the solo show. I hope it was a smashing success.


  3. So beutiful pictures , colours and copositions…
    love them !
    And so beutiful family ,
    Best from Liv

  4. Your family is gorgeous! And, you're blessed to have so many children - what a joy. Your paintings and drawings are truly remarkable. I've been a big fan of your work ever since I first saw it. Jaw-dropping and mesmerizing. This series, landfills, is wonderfully interpreted. So original and layered with meanings. I wish I could have attended your solo show.

  5. Stan, I read your post this morning with my mouth agape in awe! Your posted paintings are glorious- your sketches are phenomenal- your family is gorgeous- and your daughter is clearly a stand out talent!! What a great post! Thanks for sharing your wealth of treasures.

  6. beautiful work, and family!
    thanks for stopping by my paintings blog.
    best wishes,

  7. yep...
    the art work and the family are all top notch, what's it like to have all that beauty in one room?

  8. Hello Donna - Thanks for the nice comments on my family and paintings.

    Hi Don - Thanks! Briana is very talented. She has lost two portfolios of her work, one of which included one my life drawings that I gave her, my final for 2nd semester life drawing. I guess as she gets older she'll be more careful. My son is almost 40, and still skates and is a rapper (and he gets paid to do it).

    Hi Liv - Thanks for the nice comments.

    Hi Kathy - I think the whole digging-deeper-into-self routine has lead to the landfill. There is much to be discovered there, so I plan on digging around for awhile.

    Hi Maggie - Thanks!

    Hi Pam - Thanks and you're welcome. All of my daughters are artsy. They're all pretty good dancers. Sarah has danced with Ballet Arizona and both Sarah and Emily are on the varsity Spiritline at Cactus High School in Glendale, Arizona. During one period all five girls were dancing together competitively in the dame dance troupe. Briana has a very beautiful voice as well and is currently doing a video with my son.

    Hi Joanne - Thanks! I just had to make a comment on that book cover painting, it's very powerful.

    Hi jb - there was a time in my life when all 5 daughters were living at home and of course with their mother that made six females and me. I sometimes used this description of that scene: test in a sea of est. Let's just say there were some dramatic moments, but all in all I couldn't be prouder of my girls. Thanks for the nice comment.

  9. Wonderful art, beautiful family!! You are have a lot going for you. You make landfills eye candy!

  10. Thanks Eva - Actually these 3 paintings are not finished and indeed all three were painted over older paintings that just didn't work. I do that often.

  11. I love your work... and I just wanted to say you are blessed with beautiful children and a gorgeous wife!