Sunday, June 27, 2010

Landfill #10 and recent drawings

Landfill #10


Landfill Joe with Gun

Landfill Variation

Landfill Seating

Landfill Venetian

Landfill Information Booth

Landfill Angel

Landfill Attendant


  1. Great layering of contrasts...yes, more than just values...

  2. Hi Stan !
    Wow !
    These drawings are so good ,so many layers, and good composition...
    I like them alot !!!

    Best from Liv :-)

  3. I see you've been soldiering on while I have been up in the clouds! LOL! These are fabulous. I enjoyed enlarging them and going over them in detail. Great marks! Love the shapes.

  4. Stan- I am BLOWN AWAY!!! I honestly can not put into words how spectacular all of these works are- such depth and detail and your signature sophistication. Blown away.

  5. Hi Stan, Your drawings and paintings are stunning. I enjoy the ethereal, mysterious quality of your work; it works well with your design.

  6. Darkness, Light, Sensuality, Love, Decay, Hope...

    You've taken me on a wonderful trip through the gamut. Thanks for that.


  7. DJ - Thank you and yes I do create some contrast with layering, much of it by subtraction.

    Liv - Thanks, I love to layer, probably why I've painted over so many transparent watercolors. Glad you like them.

    Tonya - Thanks, can't wait to see you soldiering again, I love your work.

    Pam - Thanks, I'm flattered by your words; sophistication, and even signature status!

    Peggy - Thanks, I love the ethereal and I'm somewhat of an enigma to boot. I guess it shows in my work.

    Zappha - Thanks, much appreciated!

    SKIZO - Thanks for taking notice.

    Don - Thanks and you're welcome. It's all happening at the landfill, even hope out of despair. The compositions are cruciform; maybe not obvious, but shadowing all.

    Jim - Thanks, glad you enjoyed the view.

  8. fabulous. my favourites are Landfill Attendant and Landfill Seating... so expressive.

  9. What a gorgeous series. I love your trek through the subconscious.

  10. Stan, you also "layer" by using multiple contrasts.
    That is, creating intricate differences in...
    values: light/dark
    shape types: organic/geometric
    moods: tranquility/tension
    depth: immediate shapes/distant shadows & forms
    This is just too much for some artists to achieve in one piece.
    Would love to know what goes on in your head when you're rendering these...

  11. Mary Ann - Thank you!

    Katherine - Trekking is correct! Thanks

    DJ - Astute observations! I love that. I wish I could tell you what goes on in my mind; I'm striving. The internal dialog is eccentric and senseless; only the finished work (if there is such a thing) has any semblance of coherence, yet begs the question, what does it mean?

  12. Hi Stan, thanks for stopping my by blog, it's nice to meet you. You have an amazing body of work here, must come back to gaze a bit longer and look at past posts.

  13. hey...
    these are great!
    landfill #10 really speaks to me. love the work

  14. Mary - You're welcome, and thanks for stopping by mine.

    JB - Thank you, it's nice to know when my work communicates.

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  16. you have such organic shapes and dynamic lines in your drawings-- very expressive and yet poetic work.

  17. Stan, as usual these are fabulous.I won't go into to long list of superlatives, because we can all see for ourselves you certainly are a master of your craft. Bravo!

  18. I like each drawing so much but I must say the painting....first one 'Variation #10' speaks to my heart!

  19. Mary Ann - Thanks, if it speaks, it has succeeded!