Sunday, June 6, 2010

Revisions and Drawings

Landfill #7 (revised)

Landfill #5 (revised)


Hand that Feeds

Mother and Child



  1. I'm very curious to know about your revisions - what was the original state and why the change? Your work is meditative and stimulating at the same time. They're a slow read since my eye wanders through and around, always going back to study one area and then onto the next. Masterful!!

  2. Stan- I like the "branding" in the first painting #7- SWK, SWK... the graphic artist in you? It works. Your drawings and your paintings are indefinable to me- they are mesmerizing. Fabulous! Mostly I like that they don't appear in any way contrived or overworked. They are organic and uber professional- an extremely difficult combination. (Sorry if I don't have "art speak"- but I hope you get what I'm saying.)

  3. Nice diversity in your work. Glad to have seen it.

  4. these are erie and flowing..
    reminds one of De kooning, but with your own twist.

  5. Hi Stan Kurth !
    These paintings looks great ,
    so beutiful colours and good composition !
    and I also like your drawings
    " the security" was very interesting !!
    It was also so interesting to see these cave- paintings !

    Best from Liv

  6. Just found your blog via jennifer's "Visual Conversations" and think your work is amazing.
    I'll be back~

  7. Hi Kathy - Thanks, the original states can be seen a couple of posts back. I'm not sure why I changed them. I just wasn't pleased and perhaps didn't look at them long enough or I had a brain cramp of sorts. That's one of the dangers in my process. Usually when I sign a painting it is finished and I quit. Many an unsigned painting has become an under painting. Works out well on occasion.

    Hi Pam - Thank you for the nice comments. I belong to a critique group, Contemporary Watercolorists of Arizona, which uses a motivation from different members each month to enhance the process of painting with new and different approaches. This month the motivation was to use our initials in a painting. This sort of puts me in the dump, which is OK and fits with my concept of landfill.

    Hi Mary Ann - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I like your work immensely.

    Hi JB - Thanks, I'm a big fan of Willem, as I am of most of the abstract expressionists.

    Hi Liv - Thanks, "Security" is one of those images as you mentioned on your blog, that allows the viewers own interpretation of what's going on. I'd like to hear Freud's take on this one.

    Hi DJ - Thanks for the compliment.

  8. I love all 5 of these, especially "Landfill 5" and "Security". I find it interesting how your works with color have more rigid straight lines with bold planes of value and color while your b/w pieces are more about the curves. Is this an intentional shift in style between the two mediums? I'll admit to being quite drawn to the erotic nature of the b/w pieces created by all those curves...


  9. Hi Don - Somewhat intentional I suppose; my drawings usually are indicators of paintings that will follow in composition at some point. Truth be told, I would like to have a good balance of the two and I'm working on that but it's not easy. Often hidden beneath the geometric shapes and straight lines are underpaintings with curves and shapes more like the drawings since more often than not I tend to start paintings with curvilinear movement(like the drawings). I was a little hesitant to show some of the drawings, but just lately mustered the courage. Glad you like them.

  10. I love your work, but that's no secret as I say it every time I visit your blog. The drawings are fantastic!!So powerful and exciting to the eye.Bravo.

  11. Eva said it all...I too like your work and find the drawings as she said 'fantastic, so powerful and exciting to the eye'!

  12. I recently saw your painting in the Western Fed juried exhibit--my friend Ruth Armitage is a member and had the catalog. a big congrats! your work is striking and so interesting

  13. A great work that deserves al.
    I'll come back with pleasure to admire the fruits of your labor.

  14. Hi Stan, I keep looking at your work and being impressed by the power. Stunning.

  15. Stan- these are all wonderful, but the drawings really blow me away! "Hand That feeds" is my favorite, I think. What powerful work!