Thursday, December 15, 2011

Art and Fear

Cognizantithesis 4
Acrylic & gesso on Yupo
25" X 19"

"Fears about artmaking fall into two families: fears about yourself, and fears about your reception by others. In a general way, fears about yourself prevent you from doing your best work, while fears about your reception by others prevent you from doing your own work."

David Bayles & Ted Orland
Art & Fear

I cannot recommend this book enough. If you are serious about your work it is a must read. If you have read it already, read it again.


  1. Hi Stan, Hmm, thinking I ought to read it again! It's a great book, and I do like this series you're working on!

  2. Thanks, Peggy! Whenever I'm in a creative funk this book makes it all better, motivates me to just keep on working.

  3. I have this book and loved it. It takes someone to pick out one of the many gems and quote them to remind me to pick the book up and read it again. Thanks, and Happy New Year!

  4. Eva - This book always picks me up when I'm in a funk. Happy New Year to you as well!

  5. Exciting work on YUPO! Gret to find your blog.

  6. I like this...wonderful colors and movement.
    Thanks for the book to find it in the stacks!

  7. Mary Ann - Thank you and good luck with the stacks!

  8. I like this , wonderful movement and the color is l !!incredible

  9. I know I commented earlier on this post, but I forgot (how could I?) to mention how much I love the painting.. Another winner!!

  10. You're doing wonderful work. Hope 2012 is treating you well.
    Love & Laughter,

  11. Replies
    1. Nick - Thanks, and I am working bigger! I'm Currently working on canvas 48" X 72" and some larger paper sizes as well.