Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Been Awhile

25" X 19"
Acrylic & Gesso on Yupo

It's been awhile since I've blogged and wouldn't you know it, just like Facebook this crazy blogger compose interface has changed. What can I say, perhaps I'm just not a natural born blogger. It takes so much time to do this and quite frankly I'd rather be painting. I'm 62 years old this November and still working a full time job to support the family (one daughter still at home and one starting her freshman year at Northern Arizona University). So I find myself going into the studio at all kinds of crazy hours. I apologize for not keeping up with all of my blogger friends and miss the interaction every time I get on here. I'm still lurking about looking at all the wonderful art that pops up from those I follow but just barely have the time to look at all of it. I do have some wonderful news to report (at least to me): I had a painting (Lunatic Fringe) accepted for the 91st Annual Exhibition of the National Watercolor Society. The painting was also chosen for the traveling exhibit. Oh yeah, and probably the best news, I was awarded signature status so it's off to San Pedro, California in October.


  1. Great to 'see' you around again, Stan. You've been missed. You came back with quite a bang! Pompadour is outstanding. I love the colors and find the whole piece to be quite haunting in a slightly disconcerting way. I LIKE IT! Congrats on both the acceptance of Lunatic Fringe (one of my favs) and becoming a signatory. Both are well deserved.


  2. I admire your style and am happy about your signature status in the NWS.

  3. I was wondering what became of you. Glad you're back--great work! Forgive my idiocy, but what is a signature status?

  4. Congratulations Stan! I like the title you chose for this painting; it fits! I do enjoy looking at your work.

  5. Don - Thank you, I like slightly disconcerting!

    Educational Resources - Thanks, glad to be back if only for a few fleeting moments.

    Casey - Thanks!

    William - Thanks for the compliments. Signature status is earning the right to sign the initials "NWS" after your name on a painting. This is decided by a panel of National Watercolor Society Judges who examine a small body of work submitted by the artist when he or she has a work selected for the annual exhibit. You can also obtain this status by having exhibited in three annual exhibitions. Different organizations have different means of attainment but in watercolor or watermedia the desired two are the American Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society with AWS carrying the most status.

    Peggy - Thanks, that's wild and crazy hair eh?

  6. Stan, I have only recently found your blog, and really enjoy your work and words. Congrats on your new status! You must be pleased.

  7. Maggie - Thank you, I'm going to enjoy the next three years checking out your washes!

  8. Stan, Congrats on all your great news! I love both paintings and Fringe is particularly amazing. I'm glad you still find some time to post and let us see your wonderful work.

  9. Congratulations Stan! A well deserved award for someone with your talent. I understand about not keeping up with everyone's blogs. It is all I can do to respond to those who leave a comment on mine. Even though I'm retired, at my age I'm spending more time in the doctor's office than at home :O(